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Custody, trading & staking

Trade digital assets and have them kept in safe custody in Switzerland

Custody, trading and staking

Around-the-clock access

Thanks to our e-banking and mobile banking app, you can access your portfolio with Maerki Baumann at any time. You can trade common digital assets or exchange them for fiat currencies – be it CHF, EUR, GBP or USD.

Trade digital assets – quickly and reliably at any time of day

However, some things remain the same in the digital world: we process and monitor your exchange orders with the accustomed level of care and ensure the requisite security. These orders are carried out via our established partners and the most important liquid crypto exchanges, meaning our clients can enjoy reliable crypto transactions at attractive prices.

You don't want to invest directly in digital assets?
No problem. To allow you to diversify your portfolio with crypto assets, we also offer trading in the funds, certificates and structured products of specialised third-party providers with corresponding underlying assets.

How digital asset trading works:

Safe custody of digital assets in Switzerland

A wallet set up especially for you ensures the safe custody of your digital assets in line with your personal needs and preferences and in compliance with the highest security standards. Maerki Baumann's partners utilise state-of-the-art technologies, drawing on their proven expertise and long-standing experience: multi-level security architecture ensures maximum protection against cyber attacks and unauthorised access. All of your data is stored in highly secure facilities within Switzerland. And finally, like securities, your digital assets are held as special assets separate from the bank balance sheet or bankruptcy estate.

A further service offered by Maerki Baumann is the custody of your NFTs. On request, we make it possible for you to present them in your own personal digital gallery.

How the depositing of digital assets works:

Staking digitaler Vermögenswerte

Maerki Baumann & Co. AG bridges the gap between traditional private banking and the innovative blockchain sector and is one of the first Swiss private banks to offer the staking of digital assets.

Staking is part of the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism in which digital assets are locked for a certain period of time. The locked assets are used to achieve the consensus necessary to secure the network and validate each new transaction. With the validation of the transaction, it is subsequently inscribed in the blockchain. 

What is staking?


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