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ARCHIP Private

Crypto services for private clients

ARCHIP Private for private clients

ARCHIP Private – your gateway to the world of blockchain and crypto

Digital assets are at the centre of public interest. As a pioneer among Swiss banks, Maerki Baumann moved to provide its clients with access to this innovative asset class at an early stage. Our ARCHIP offering comprises trading, safe custody, asset management and expert investment advice on digital assets – a comprehensive package of services from a single source.

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Optimal addition to traditional portfolios

Blockchain is a technology that offers great potential and Maerki Baumann has been making it accessible to its clients for years. During this time, we have expanded our offering in the field of digital assets and crypto applications on a continuous basis. After all, we are convinced that they represent an interesting addition to conventional investment opportunities.

We make it easier for you to invest in the digital asset segment, providing access to an asset class that is becoming an integral part of any broadly diversified portfolio. Our investment advisory services in the crypto space are based on Maerki Baumann’s proven, multi-award-winning advisory process. In addition to advice on traditional asset classes, we thus also cover the digital realm.

What ARCHIP Private includes for private clients

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